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Achieving Enterprise Excellence

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About us

JIT- was established in Egypt 2008 as a training , consultancy and certification  firm in Quality  Management system ,Process Optimization by lean ,Six sigma deployment  and human resources consultancy.
JIT-is representing  the house of experience providing aid and support to Egyptian and Arab organizations to hone their competitive skills on the local and international scales.
The firm accomplishes its leading role through adopting a philosophy or integration between its chosen activities, which are research, training and consulting as well as integration between its different specializations which accomplishes the missing link between theoretical and practical aspects.
The Company’s programs include a group of programs and symposiums to provide the human element with the managerial and behavioral skills and knowledge enabling them to keep up with the nuances which occur in our modern world, as well as having contractual programs which are designed based on the client’s needs.


To become one of the leading Training and Management organizations in the Middle East and Arab world in the fields of training and development of individuals through implementation of the most advanced methods and programs to become more effective and known in this field.​


Providing the finest training and consulting services to industrial and service-oriented companies and organizations to increase their competitiveness.

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