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5S and Visual Factory


This course will teach the principles of process Kaizen. Process. Kaizen events are highly focused continuous improvement activities that can be used to launch.
This course will teach you how to implement a Kaizen activity and will focus on the process, kaizen tools of 5S, visual controls, and mistake proofing (poka yoke).

  • Learn how to implement a Kaizen event. Learn how to apply the tools of 5S, visual display, visual controls, visual management, standardization of processes, and mistake proofing using Kaizen.

  • Improved productivity.

  • Improved Quality.

  • Ability to elicit feedback from shop floor level employees (a valuable source of information).

  • Improved employee morale.

  • Fast Implementation / High impact

Course Contents
  • What is Process Kaizen?

  • Selecting/Prioritizing Kaizen Events to Perform.

  • Planning a Kaizen Event.

  • Implementation.

  • Training.

  • Documenting Current Condition / Current State.

  • Creating Future Condition / Future State.

  • Hands-on Implementation  5S.

  • Description of the 5 Pillars.

  • Relationship Between 5S and Flow.

  • Implementing Sort ,Set in Order, Shine,

  • Standardize, Sustain.

  • Visual Controls.

  • Overview of Visual Factory & Elements of the Visual Factory.

  • Waste Elimination: Case Examples.

  • Benefits of the Visual Factory.

  • How to Use Workplace Organization and Standardization.

  • Five Keys to Workplace Organization.

  • Overview of Visual Displays and Controls.

Course Duration

A one-day session

Who Should Attend?

-This course is designed for managers & supervisors, supply chain managers & planners, process improvement specialists, change managers, process engineers, quality manager & production engineers.