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Lean For Leaders


Lean Leadership Training aims to level the playing field by providing your management group with an overview/refresher on Lean Manufacturing tools, techniques, strategies for Lean Implementation, and discussions about particular issues within your company in regard to Lean.

  • To understand lean concept

  • What are lean KPI’s

  • How support  lean teams 

  • How transform  to lean organization

  • How monitoring lean projects

Course Contents
  • Introduction and Agenda

  • Lean Concepts & Principles

  • The Value Stream

  • Standard Work

  • 5S & the Visual Workplace

  • Single Piece Flow

  • Cellular Manufacturing

  • Quality & Mistake Proofing

  • Set-Up Reduction

  • Kaizen

  • TPM

  • Lean deployment and project monitoring

  • Group Discussion

Course Duration

A one-day session with an introductory course on lean thinking

Who Should Attend?

-This course is designed for managers, supply chain managers & planners, process improvement specialists, change managers, process engineers, quality manager & production engineers.